Legal Training

For managing directors of a German GmbH

The requirements for professional competence of managing directors are constantly increasing. Therefore, continuing education is indispensable for every managing director, especially if a foreigner is appointed as managing director of a German limited liability company (GmbH).

The managing director of a GmbH must observe many contractual or legal obligations. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in liability consequences for the managing director. Some breaches of duty may even give rise to criminal liability of the managing director. A foreign managing director who might not speak German fluently, faces even greater challenges.

You are an executive in an international corporation. You have recently been appointed managing director of the group’s German subsidiary. You would like to get an overview of the rights and obligations of a managing director under German law and learn how to minimize your personal liability risk.

ASMEI LAW provides you with customized training on German law. You can choose the topics by module according to your needs. Ms. Zhang, a German qualified lawyer, will provide you with a basic understanding of relevant topics in German law in an understandable manner.

The in-house training can be offered online (online seminar) or offline (presence seminar).

Need to know  

Module: compact course for managing directors

  • Role of managing directors in a German limited liability company
  • Applicability of employment law regulations to managing directors
  • Corporate bodies of the company (also supervisory board / advisory board)
  • Instructions, transactions requiring approval
  • Tasks / rights of managing directors
  • Duties of managing directors
  • Liability of managing directors / Common liability cases in practice
  • Power of representation of managing directors
  • Appointment and dismissal of managing directors
  • Managing director’s contract
  • Employment contract with the parent company
  • Removal of managing directors
  • Approach for companies in crisis
  • D&O insurance, deductible
  • Pension plan
  • German Commercial Register
  • Transparency register
  • Practical tip: limitation of liability


Module: German employment law for managing directors:

  • Costs (personnel) / social security contributions
  • Hiring of employees
  • Part-time and fixed-term contracts
  • Employment contract
  • Employer’s right to issue instructions
  • Working hours
  • Incapacity to work due to illness
  • Maternity leave
  • Parental leave
  • Termination of employment
  • Effect of the number of employees
  • German works council (establishment and rights)
  • Pitfalls in practice