Back Office – Chinese Expertise

We live in a globalized world and most companies operate internationally. It is not uncommon for misunderstandings to arise during communication. As a company, however, we place great value on successful and smooth communication. Even though both business partners may speak the same language, each side might have a different understanding during an important conversation, especially when it comes to legal terms.

I can help you with that!

You are a Chinese company. An important meeting with your German customer is coming up. You need a smooth exchange for the negotiation of the sales contract.

You are a German company. You want to establish a joint venture company with a Chinese company. The decision maker of the Chinese company prefers Chinese as the language of communication for all legal issues.

You are a large law firm. Your client requires support from a Chinese-speaking lawyer for a large M&A transaction. You do not have an inhouse China desk but would provide legal support for the transaction.

What can ASMEI LAW do for you?

I, Ning Zhang, a German qualified lawyer, can support you, solve problems with my legal expertise as well as my cross-cultural competence. My native language is Chinese. I have been living in Germany for more than 24 years and have 15 years of professional experience in a large international law firm in Germany.

Services of ASMEI LAW for your company / law firm (examples)

  • Solving problems arising in the legal and intercultural context
  • External China desk for large law firm
  • Support of Chinese or German companies in important meetings and negotiations
  • Review of important legal
    documents in German, Chinese and English language